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How to Date a Mature Lady and Get Invited Back

If you’re trying to date a mature lady, cougar, milf whatever you want to call it, you have to remember that the toughest part of the game is to get invited back. That’s right. This might seem like a shock to you. This might seem like a revelation to you, but this is the absolute truth. Too many younger guys out there think that online dating is really all about identifying pussy, getting into bed with that pussy, and knocking the ball out of the park.

I’m sorry to break this to you, but if that’s how you play the game, chances are you will only get laid online from time to time. Since most guys are perpetually horny and want action pretty much on a 24/7 basis, this is too little too late. Unfortunately, you have your mind set on expectations working against you.

If you’re really serious about trying to date a sexy mature woman the right way, focus on giving her the experience that she is looking for. As I’ve mentioned earlier, getting laid is not the problem. It’s getting invited back that is the issue. So, you need to give her the experience that she is in the game for. What is she looking for? She is looking for multiple orgasms. That’s the bottom line.

Once a woman reaches the age of 30, she is able to climax several times within a very short period of time. If you are able to make that happen for her, and this has to be real orgasms not fake orgasms, then chances are very high that she will keep hounding you on the phone. That’s how the game works when you find hot mature women on https://meetmatures.com/ . There are many otherwise ugly and unattractive guys who can’t get rid of pussy because they know how to knock the ball out of the park. If you have the right mindset, you can join their ranks.