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Show your caring side to a straight male escort in Liverpool

With the weekend fast approaching it wasn’t a good time for me. You see I’ve got a close bunch of friends and all of them either have boyfriends, or partners. I’m the outcast so to speak and I know that they all make fun of me when I’m not around. I wanted so desperately to shut them up and for once I knew just how to do it. A few weeks prior I was feeling down and for whatever reason I started looking for a male escort Liverpool, after a little looking around I found just the man, yet at the last minute I froze up and backed out.

At the time I was nervous about if he’d like me, everything was telling me to go for it but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I guess I needed that little shock to the system as there’s no way that I’m holding back now. Tony looks to be the perfect match for me and best of all I’m able to talk with him about the social event before it even starts. This way we can both get our stories straight and I can’t wait to wipe the smiles from all my friends faces.

I plan on getting all dolled up for my escort date and while I’d never expect it, you can bet that no matter what Tony’s idea of a good night out is I’ll be down for anything that he wants to do. The best thing of all though is gaining my confidence back and alas having a man to talk with, even if it is for just a few short hours. I feel like it’s more than enough time to get to know him and in return he will see what a genuine and caring women that I can be.