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Escort Information And Why TER Was Wrong


It seems that just about anything these days can be spun however one person wants it to be. While it’s not always the case sadly some people can’t help feeling a surge of power when they’re looking at their keyboards. I think the common term for it is a “Keyboard Warrior”, it’s someone that hides behind their computer and acts like a tough guy. Now by no means am I any different, most of you would never know what I looked like in person, so I guess you could be right on the money by tagging me in the same group of people that always seem to piss me off. I might be getting a little off track here so I’d better get back to my point, a good friend of mine was telling me how TheEroticReview  or TER as it’s also well known banned City Girls from posting on their site.


Now despite what you’ve heard and from what I’ve been able to ascertain no rules were broken, a little birdie was telling me it’s all because City Girls had a special arrangement with BestGFE members to promote their TOFTT. From what I’ve been told and seen with my own eyes TER didn’t like that, maybe they felt threatened by it, or they just plain thought that was wrong, but either way the next time City Girls tried logging in at TER they found their account was terminated. Now it would be good to have some transparency as to why the account was shutdown, but we all know that’s never going to happen. It seems to me that a keyboard warrior felt the need to bring down the ban hammer for something that I think was totally uncalled for. I guess when people are looking for an escort information blog TER might not be the first place they look. I know from personal experience that when I am reading reviews on local escorts I want the information to be correct, if all I see is “great experience”, “awesome girls”, “100% happy”, I’m really going to start questioning the legitimacy of the reviews, as nobody is ever 100% happy with everything and if all you see is positive reviews something is most definitely up!